OutFest 2019

?We had so much fun registering people to vote, seeing all our friends, and meeting new ones at OutFest! ?

?We registered 43 people this year at OutFest. Combined with Mosey, Boiler Bridge Bash, and OutFest we have registered over 200 voters in August already! ?

Thank you to all the volunteers for making this possible, and keep your eyes glued to our pages for more opportunities for ways to get involved.

Boiler Bridge Bash 2019

?Friends! ?

Boiler Bridge Bash was an incredible success this year!

?Together Greater Lafayette Indivisible registered over 140 voters, up from 88 last year! That means that this Boiler Bridge Bash was our most impactful single voter registration event since we started doing voter registration over two years ago! ?

We couldn’t have done it without the incredible help of our volunteers. Thank you so much!

Special thanks to #PurdueVotes for doing the work of registering and educating students at Purdue year-round!

There will be more opportunities to help, so keep an eye on our page for sign ups.