Stop Trumpcare 3.0

Hey Everybody!

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be back at this, but it seems the time has come again, this time, probably the last though.

Healthcare is under assault, yet again. Yes, this is exhausting, but we have to muster our strength one last time!

While there are true bipartisan talks going on right now to help fix some of the quirks of the ACA and help stabilize the insurance markets, there is a sinister bill under the working title of “Cassidy-Graham” that seeks to sink any chances for bipartisanship and take healthcare away from so many people.

This is a last ditch effort to pass something under the reconciliation period which ends September 30th. This allows certain legislation to pass with only 51 votes. After this it goes back to the 60 vote necessity. So we only have to get it past this date!

First, here is a good summary of the plan, but it is a little long:…/16074…/cassidy-graham-obamacare-repeal

I’ve attached an image posted by Andy Slavitt who ran Medicare, Medicaid & ACA for President Obama.

In many ways this is far worse than any of the plans that preceded this. These are all estimates, it still needs to be officially scored by the CBO, but

* 32 million will lose coverage in 10 years.

* Massive cuts to statue funding through 2026 and NO FUNDING after.

* Ends Medicaid expansion

* Waivers allow insurance companies to charge more for pre-exisiting conditions, thus eliminating protections for them.

* Indiana gets federal funding cut by 425 million

* Ends cost sharing for low income Americans

These stood out to me, and I encourage you to read the list from Andy Slavitt and the Vox article.

This is gaining steam, but we can stop it, like we stopped it before. We have shown how much power and strength we have as one voice. All humans deserve healthcare, it should not be reserved for the wealthiest among us or those who had a good roll of the dice.

Please, call your senators, tell them to stop this and support a bipartisan solution. Insist that they stop trying to take away healthcare from so many Americans. We only have to get past September 30th. We can do this!

Thank you.

If you live in Indiana:

Senator Todd Young:

Senator Joe Donnelly:

If you live outside Indiana, find your Senators here: