Protect Mueller Protest

As you know, hours ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was forced out.

In his place, Donald Trump has decided to appoint a partisan loyalist who has published op-eds slamming Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

What’s more, The Justice Department says acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker will immediately take over supervising special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation from Rod Rosenstein, the embattled deputy attorney general.

The red line has been crossed. In response, the Trump is Not Above the Law coalition is calling for nationwide rapid response protests tomorrow—Thursday, November 8— at 5 pm local time.

Let’s be clear: Matt Whitaker cannot have oversight of the Russia investigation, and must allow the investigation to continue.

We are hosting a protest and more information about the event can be found here:

Election day is here!

Today’s is it! Election day is upon us!

To every person who has protested, rallied, phone banked, texted, registered someone to vote, canvassed, called their member of congress (1 or 1000 times), visited their office, or engaged with our community in someway to make it better, this is what it comes down to.

Sincerely, thank all of you who have volunteered your time. It’s no small ask, and every minute you give to make this a better world is appreciated.

Thank you to all our endorsed candidates here who have been just absolutely crushing it out there! Remember to vote for them when you are at the ballot box today.

I’m sure we will have more to say tomorrow, but for now get out there and make your voice heard! Bring your family and every friend you’ve ever made and their friends, too!

Here are the polling locations for today, Tuesday, November 6, 2018:


2018 Early Voting and Election Day Locations

These are the early voting locations for Tippecanoe County in 2018. We will keep this site updated as it changes.

For the most up to date early vote information check here:

For the most up to date election day vote information check here:

Early voting locations and times:

Election day voting locations. All polls open 6AM – 6PM: