Never Again is Now Rally

Never Again is Now rally. We are so grateful to be a part of an activist community, and a broader community, who stands up against such injustice at the border. Please call your reps and demand this ends. Also, check out all the groups shown.

Out at Mosey Again!

We were out this past weekend at Mosey again registering voters. We did a lot of registration checking , too. We talked to a man who was purged from the rolls. Remember to check often even if you think you are registered! We have a handy website just for you to do that, too!

Going strong!

GLI has been busy this past week! Here are some of the highlights.

Friday we were a part of a joint action down in Indy at Joe Donnelly’s office to encourage him to vote no on Kavanaugh. This was done with Indivisibles from all over he state.

Saturday we were at Mosey to tell people about getting more involved and getting people registered to vote. In total we registered 13 people. Every vote matters. The Power of 1 Vote has been shown time and again this year in special elections.

Sunday we had our Persistence Picnic. It was great to enjoy some good food and company, and meet people face to face. We had candidates we endorsed come and talk as well. Events like these are something we’d love to keep doing to augment our continued activism.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with each of these events!