Furtive Facts For Friday April 6th


And you can do it by text:  ‘For the first time, Indiana residents can kick off the registration process with a text message. Hoosiers can text “Indiana” to 2VOTE (28683) to get a link to the indianavoters.com website to register to vote.’


Showing up matters.  ‘A new Post-Kaiser survey finds that 20% of adults have attended a political protest, rally or speech in the last two years.’:

The poll offers a rare snapshot of how public activism has changed in the 50 years since large street protests and rallies last dominated the political landscape.

“This confirms there is a resistance and that a lot of people want to be associated with it,” said Michael Kazin, a history professor at Georgetown University and editor of Dissent magazine. He said many Americans intensely oppose what Trump is doing, just as many did in the second half of Lyndon Johnson’s term in the late 1960s….

Nearly 4 in 10 said they plan to become more involved in political causes in 2018. Among the one-third who planned to work or volunteer for congressional races, 64 percent say they will do so for Democrats, and 26 percent plan to work for Republicans.’



More women are running for office than ever before: 

‘In Indiana, for example, women are running in each of the state’s nine congressional districts — only two of which are currently represented by Democrats.’


According to Time Magazine ‘Even with the record numbers, women are still outnumbered by male candidates. But experts say the sheer number of women running combined with so many House seats open due to retirements or resignations provides one of the best opportunities for women to make real gains in terms of representation and a change in priorities.’

Now that Rex Tillerson is gone some of his “run it like a business cost-cutting” is being questioned:

‘Congressional officials, some of whom had unsuccessfully tried for months to learn details of the redesign, expressed surprise when POLITICO disclosed the dollar figures to them and said the issue could be the subject of upcoming hearings.

“I believe we must look into how taxpayer money was spent on this botched project and will continue to call for the committee to examine these issues in open hearings in the near future,” [New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez]  Millions have been spent on private consultants (mostly from Deloitte).



President Trump’s relief that Robert Mueller’s investigation has told him is not a “target” of the investigation may be premature:

The Washington Post reported that ‘Prosecutors view someone as a subject when that person has engaged in conduct that is under investigation but there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges.’  However, according to University of Missouri School of Law professor Frank Bowman, that is an incomplete reading of DOJ guidelines.  ‘The full DOJ definition also offers that a target is someone “who, in the judgment of the prosecutor, is a putative defendant.” This is relevant, because current Department of Justice guidelines say that a sitting president cannot be indicted, which means that according to these guidelines he cannot technically be a putative defendant—at least not while in office.

“The ‘not a target’ designation doesn’t convey much of real substance concerning Mueller’s assessment of the current evidence against Trump,” Bowman told me over email. “If Mueller really said Trump is not a ‘target,’ all he may be saying is that, while there is substantial evidence linking him to a crime, DOJ policy precludes making him an actual indicted ‘defendant.’”

Until he is no longer President…


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