Week of Action Update

This afternoon we joined the Working Hoosiers Vote crew to let Food Finders clients and all Hoosiers know that if they’re registered to vote, they have the opportunity to vote by mail in the June 2 Primary Election by applying for an absentee ballot.

We distributed over 100 stamped and addressed absentee ballot applications!

Special thanks to Food Finders Food Bank, Inc.
for the time and space, and thanks to the folks from the National Guard for accommodating us as they work to deliver food to clients.

Did you know? If you’re registered to vote in Indiana you can apply for an absentee ballot online so you can vote by mail! You can apply online through May 21 at http://indianavoters.com

A reminder that we have a virtual town hall coming up this Thursday with the county council candidates. Check it out and learn more about who’s on your ballot as well as ask any of your burning questions.

Working Hoosiers Vote Week of Action

Working Hoosiers Vote Week of Action: May 11 – May 17
Nobody should have to choose between their safety and exercising their right to vote. That’s why the Working Hoosiers Vote Coalition is holding a week of Action from May 11 – 17 to encourage all registered voters to request an absentee ballot by May 21 to vote by mail in the June 2 Indiana Primary Election. We’re taking action to make sure people know they can apply online at indianavoters.com, or by the paper form delivered by mail, by hand, by fax, or by email. There are so many actions we can all take this week. Join us and help keep our communities safe by voting by mail.   Every day during the week of action organizations will be providing information or holding online or socially distant actions to encourage voters to request an absentee ballot to vote by mail. In addition to the daily actions, You can help us at any point by amplifying our message on Facebook and Instagram using these sample posts! Working Hoosiers are already on the front lines of the COVID crisis, and shouldn’t have to further put themselves in harm’s way to exercise their voting rights. Request an absentee ballot by May 21, 2020 to safely vote by mail in the primaries. Go to indianavoters.in.gov. #workingHoosiersvote #votinginthetimeofcorona No one should have to choose between safety and voting. Request your absentee ballot before May 21, 2020 at 11:59pm and receive your vote-by-mail ballot before the June primary. #workingHoosiersvote #votinginthetimeofcorona I’m joining #WorkingHoosiersVote during this Week of Action to encourage registered voters to request an absentee ballot. Protect the health and safety of voters, poll workers, and front-line workers by safely casting your primary vote by mail. #workingHoosiersvote #votinginthetimeofcorona Democracy doesn’t stop for a pandemic, and we’re not taking any chances. Join Working Hoosiers Vote for a Week of Action from May 11 – 15 and help us get all  Hoosiers prepared to safely vote by mail in the Indiana primary #workingHoosiersvote #votinginthetimeofcorona Engage the member organizations of the Working Hoosiers Vote Coalition by following us and tagging our pages with your messages:

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Greater Lafayette Resistance Fair Wrap-up

The Greater Lafayette Resistance Fair 2020 was a success!

Thanks to everyone who came and especially those who presented and organized. It’s always a lot of work, but absolutely worth it.

For those who were unable to attend we are posting a playlist of the talks and presentations.

Here is a link to all the slides from the presentations:

We are also posting the handout with information from the event.

Thanks again and we hope to see you active in 2020!