This is our chance!

Let’s face it: Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan aren’t going to hold Donald Trump accountable. Todd Rokita isn’t suddenly going to grow a spine.

So we need to hold them accountable this November up and down the ballot.

We need to canvas neighborhoods. Get out the vote. Arrange transportation to take voters to the polls. Continue hosting events like the Resistance Fair.

To do so, we are asking for your support. Local Indivisible chapters like ours do not receive funding from the national group, and we don’t have deep-pocketed donors like the Kochs. We rely on donations from people in our community that, like us, simply will not abide four years of Donald Trump with a rubber-stamp Congress.

We are trying to raise $3,000 before the May 8th primary.

Can we count on your support?

This is our chance. Our opportunity to shock the system with voter turnout levels this area has never seen. Let’s make this a November to remember.

Yours in resistance,

Greater Lafayette Indivisible

Puerto Rico Needs Our Help!

As we sure you are aware, Puerto Rico has been devastated by hurricane Maria. These American citizens, these people, are in dire need of our help. There are 3.4 million people who live in Puerto Rico, many without the food, clean water, fuel, energy, and the communications they need. While Trump attacks the Mayor of San Juan, and continues to shirk his responsibilities to go golfing; we need to step up in his absence.

Here are links to two sites aggregating charities that could use our help. Please follow them and give as much as you can. Let’s show the country, and the world, the better angels of our nature.

You can check any of the charities here if you are at all skeptical: